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Tallgrass Solutions
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Due to the unique nature of all products offered by Tallgrass, we encourage our customers to contact us directly to place any orders.  This ensures that we are able to answer any questions they may have about the products, they are ordering the correct products for their needs and that we handle shipping of the products in the appropriate manner.

Tallgrass accepts purchase orders with terms and most major credit cards.  If you would like to place an order please provide us with the quantities and part numbers listed for the products.  

If you have any questions regarding a product please E-mail us or give us a call at (785) 532-7473.

Contact us
If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information.
Contact information

Tallgrass Soultions, Inc.
510 McCall Road
Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Phone (785) 532-7473
Email: Contact Us

About us

Tallgrass Solutions provides marketing and sales services to a unique group of manufacturers. Our focus is to provide exclusive niche products to a wide range of industries. 

Contact us
Tallgrass Solutions, Inc.
510 McCall Road
Manhattan, Kansas 66502
Phone: 785.532.7473