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Manual Coring Tool

The G-R Manufacturing coring tools are made of stainless-steel tubing that can fit most meat shearing machines.  G-R's Warner-Bratzler Machine comes equipped with a 0.5 inch manual coring tool, but coring tubes with 1 inch and 1.5 inch measurements are also offered by G-R Manufacturing.

0.5" Manual Tool

Part Number: GR-150-050

Price: $70

1" Manual Tool

Part Number: GR-150-051

Price: $80

1.5" Manual Tool

Part Number: GR-150-052

Price: $90


Power Coring Tool

Much like our manual coring tools, G-R's power coring tools are composed of pure stainless-steel tubing. Power coring tubes and mandrels are available in 0.5 inch and measurements.

0.5" Power Coring Tool

Tube Part Number: GR-150-050P

Price: $85

Mandrel Part Number: GR-150-050M

Price: $100



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Tallgrass Solutions provides marketing and sales services to a unique group of manufacturers. Our focus is to provide exclusive niche products to a wide range of industries. 

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