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Replacement Parts

G-R Manufacturing offers an array of replacement blades for a range of slice shear machines as well as additional accessory items.  The list of blades, blade types and accessories are found below.  

G-R Replacement Blades

Click Here to view a PDF with blade dimensions for both blades.

Warner-Bratzler Blade 

Part Number: GR-150-014

Price: $75 + S&H


Slice Blade

Part Number: GR-150-054

Price: $75 + S&H



G-R Manufacturing also offers additional replacement accessories for our Slice Shear Machines.  

See our selection of parts below:

Thick Shear Blades

Part Number: GR-150-010

Price: $62 (pair)

Spacer Washers

Part Number: GR-150-055

Price: $6 (pair)

Wing Nuts

Part Number: GR-150-006

Price: $6 (pair)

About us

Tallgrass Solutions provides marketing and sales services to a unique group of manufacturers. Our focus is to provide exclusive niche products to a wide range of industries. 

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