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Mini Cyclone Spore Collector

The mini cyclones are designed for targeted spore collection into either a 20 ml glass vial or the traditional gelatin capsules.  This device uses a vacuum pump in conjunction with a bleeder valve which enables the operator to activate the device by placing a finger over the bleeder valve and diverting the vacuum through the collector.  Each mini cyclone spore collector is supplied with one (1) 20 mil glass vial and 50 gelatin caps.  Features of the device include:

  • Aluminum and stainless-steel construction
  • Accepts 00 gelatin caps or 20 ml glass vial for collection
  • Device can be alcohol washed and placed in autoclave
  • NOTE: 
    • Requires a bleeder valve and an external vacuum pump to operate the unit
    • Neither the bleeder valve or vacuum pump is included with this unit

Part Number: GRA-201

Price: $105.00 Plus S&H

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