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Sensory Evaluation - Sample Preparation

G-R Manufacturing's sensory evaluation cube boxes are available in 0.5" and 0.75" sample sizes which allow researchers to cut identical slices of meat in order to provide consistent samples for testing and evaluating the taste and tenderness of the meat.  In addition to the square samples, we also offer a round version for sampling of patties such as hamburger or sausage.

0.5" Sample Size Sensory Evaluation Box

This sensory evaluation box is an open-top box equipped with 0.5" spacing around the walls of box allowing you to evenly cut the meat into the desirable sample sizes for 'taste testers' of the meat.  

Part Number: VB-150A

Price: $225 + S&H


0.75" Sample Size Sensory Evaluation Box

Similar to the VB-150A, the 0.75" sensory evaluation box has wider spacing of the cuts along the walls of the box allowing for wider cuts of meat for evaluation purposes.

Part Number: VB-150B

Price: $225 + S&H


4" Pattie Sensory Evaluation Box

This sensory evaluation box enables the operator to evenly sample a patty of up to four inches in diameter into 6 evenly sized samples.

Part Number: VB-150C

Price: $225 + S&H

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