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Animal and Wildlife Products

Tallgrass is expanding its product offering to include a wide range of tools used in the vetranarian and wildlife biology markets to both protect and treat animals. These products are produced for researchers and wildlife biologists to aid in conservation efforts of native wildlife.

Tallgrass is excited to offer a line of low-pressure air dusters that can be used in vector control to fight plague bacterium in endangered or struggling wildlife populations. These air dusters deliver powdered insecticides into wildlife burrows to help with vector control. Air dusters have been used to effectively control the flea vector that is transmitting plague bacteria in prairie dog populations.

When compared to commercially available air dusters, our low-pressure air dusters take considerably less time to treat impacted areas, requiring about 1/7th of the time per burrow.  At the same time delivering a more accurate dosage, limits under or over dosing which leads to waste and possible insecticide resistance. The dusters are designed to dispense 4 to 6 grams of dust per second.

About us

Tallgrass Solutions provides marketing and sales services to a unique group of manufacturers. Our focus is to provide exclusive niche products to a wide range of industries. 

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