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Seat Belt Convincer
Seat Belt Convincer

Tallgrass Solutions is also the exclusive distributor of the Seat Belt Convincer.  Produced by the Technology Development Institute of Kansas State University, the Seat Belt Convincer is a public safety device which provides police departments and other public safety organizations the ability to simulate the importance of wearing a seat belt.

The Seat Belt Convincer is designed to simulate the feeling of a live car crash and how wearing a seat belt can save lives.  This device is built into a trailer so mobility of the Seat Belt Convincer is never an issue for training and simulations.  The Seat Belt Convincer has been sold to numerous municipalities and organizations all over the world.  To learn more about the Seat Belt Convincer and how your organization can purchase one, please go directly to the Seat Belt Convincer website by clicking here

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Tallgrass Solutions provides marketing and sales services to a unique group of manufacturers. Our focus is to provide exclusive niche products to a wide range of industries. 

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